NEBULA ™ was born to walk in the world. It is the iconic and technological sneaker, breathable, light, flexible and cushioned, with excellent levels of grip and durability.

Work, travel, leisure and relaxation, Nebula is an incredibly multitasking shoe that ensures a level of comfort and well-being never experienced before. Versatile and comfortable, it combines perfectly with casual outfits, has a modern and innovative design and is a true concentrate of technology and high performance.
Its technology ensures lightness and breathability for superior thermoregulation. The ergonomic silhouettes of this slip-on model are built with an "easy entry" feature that increases the feeling of agility and lightness.

The Inner Breathing system ensures a high degree of breathability, thanks to the exclusive Net Breathing System technology, which performs wider openings in the critical points of the sole, thus allowing greater ventilation.
The sole, thanks to the 3D PERFORMANCE UNIT system, has been designed following the natural support points of the foot and made with materials that ensure optimal cushioning, ideal flexibility and great stability.
Iconic model of the GEOX collections, NEBULA ™ are now available in various colours, in the name of sustainable innovation which is one of the fundamental values of the company's philosophy.

The upper is made of a Jacquard weave fabric composed of a recycled polyester yarn derived 100% from plastic bottles used and reworked entirely in Italy. To make a pair of these NEBULA ™, recycled yarn made from 2.5 bottles are used.
Available at all GEOX Singapore Boutiques. While stocks last.